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Von Tee Rah – Craft – SHIZA

Von Tee Rah – Craft – SHIZA

Tel Aviv producer Von Tee Rah delivers Shiza’s fourth release, ‘Craft’ EP, a three-track collection packed with intense, raw, and industrial sounding techno.

The first track ‘Craft’ is a fast-paced banger driven by heavily saturated percussion and enough sense of space to make you feel like you are in a big, dark techno temple in the likes of Berlin.

‘Hi Freq Predator’ follows with a more discrete intro driven by an engaging bassline, while varied percussive elements, FX and organ stabs begin to slowly incorporate into the track creating a strong crescendo that ultimately ends in one final energetic drop.

Closing up the EP comes ‘Flicker’, an extremely mental track with vehement drone and synth stabs and effects backed with uplifting tribal drums.

Von Tee Rah’s ‘Craft’ EP is already available on SHIZAGrab your copy here.

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