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Watch ANNA’s ‘Journey Into Intentions’ mini-documentary

Directed by João Marques.

ANNA has just unveiled her new short film, ‘Journey Into Intentions’, which is intended to accompany her newly released debut ambient electronic album ‘Intentions’. Narrated and soundtracked by ANNA herself, the mini/documentary follows her transformative personal journey into spirituality.

‘Journey Into Intentions’ was created in the style of a visual poem, and directed by award-winning director João Marques. The film was shot in Lisbon, in ANNA’s studio and home, as well as the beautiful coastline of Portugal’s Sintra, and showcases “an interpersonal exchange around the power of intentional living and music-making, bringing artistic fragility into focus and offering the opportunity for a deeper appreciation of ANNA’s work”.

João not only grasped the album’s message perfectly but also had a beautiful way of expressing it through his imagery and art. For the soundtrack, I exclusively used the stems from the album. Witnessing the music and visuals intertwine to amplify the message of Intentions has been magical,” says ANNA about the film.

Watch ANNA’s ‘Journey Into Intentions’ below.

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