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Watch Carl Cox’s virtual set in Sensorium Galaxy’s Intermundium

The performance, accessible for free, attracted over one million viewers.

Photo credit: Sensorium  – Official

Carl Cox brought his talents to Sensorium Galaxy, where the famous DJ delivered a virtual set as his avatar, Coxy 2.0. The performance, titled Intermundium, captivated a global audience in both 2D and VR formats, attracting over one million viewers during its opening weekend.

Intermundium, which refers to the space between dimensions, featured futuristic structures and a world known as PRISM that interacted with the beats. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Sensorium Galaxy employed 2D streaming, VR-360, and full-fledged VR to create an immersive experience for viewers.

Reflecting on the project, Carl Cox stated, “The journey into Sensorium Galaxy with my Intermundium show was surreal at times.” He described how he witnessed Coxy 2.0, his virtual avatar, react in real-time to his music while observing the synchronization between the virtual environment and the beats. He emphasized the harmonious coexistence of the virtual and physical worlds, which inspired the concept of ‘Intermundium’, representing the space between worlds.

The Sensorium team, driven by a clear vision, made the decision to make the show accessible for free in both 2D and VR. Their aim was to gather as many “explorers” as possible, believing that if they were to pioneer this new world, inclusivity was paramount. Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO and Art Director at Sensorium expressed his excitement about the creative possibilities that lie ahead in this new digital realm.

Watch Carl Cox x Sensorium Galaxy Intermundium full show below.

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