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Watch Fred again..’s Tiny Concert on NPR Music

Up now on YouTube.

British songwriter and producer Fred again.. recently performed a Tiny Desk concert that challenged the traditional format of electronic music performances. As an artist whose usual performances take the form of DJ sets in front of massive audiences, he faced the daunting task of translating purely electronic music into an intimate and unique Tiny Desk experience.

Fred again.. rose to the challenge and reimagined the Tiny Desk concert by playing a variety of instruments, including the marimba, vibraphone, and piano, while looping sounds and beats simultaneously. He showcased his versatility and musicality, delivering a captivating and engaging performance that left the audience in awe.

The use of visual aids during the performance added another layer of artistic expression, with featured poet Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre reciting the work ‘Love In The Time of Undeath’, appearing on-screen during one of the songs. Pop singer Delilah Montagu’s vocals were also sampled in one of the tracks, adding a layer of collaboration to the performance.

Fred again.. closed the performance with a piano solo, showcasing his prowess on the instrument and providing a gentle ending to the powerful and energetic concert.

Watch Fred again..’s Tiny Desk concert below.


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