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Watch Hernan Cattaneo’s Forja shows

Over 14 hours of pure progressive house.

Having performed two consecutive shows for over 30,000 music enthusiasts, Hernan Cattaneo has now made both nights available to relive through Buenas Noches Producciones.

Cattaneo’s Forja shows in Cordoba, Argentina, have become a staple for the progressive genre, with a huge venue at maximum capacity and a spectacular, gripping audio-visual show that sees ‘the maestro’ bridging the gap between past, present, and future, blazing through a myriad of genres and textures in an absolute masterclass of a performance.

Having performed 5 hours on Saturday, June 18th, and 9 hours on Sunday, June 19th, the Argentine DJ received support from special guests Graziano Raffa, Soundexile, and Knowbru.

Relive both of Hernan Cattaneo’s sets at Forja, Cordoba, below and read our latest interview with him here.


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