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Watch Max Cooper’s new ‘Chromos’ VR video

In collaboration with the Babraham Institute.

Max Cooper is about to release a new EP entitled ‘Chromos’. Aligned to the new venture he created a video based on humans DNA structural data. “It shows the sort of molecular form that controls all of life, with the red appearing in regions of high gene activity”, he added.

The video was directed by Andy Lomas and done in collaboration with scientists at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge.

“Chromos is the first of these two pieces, using live instrumentation, and accompanied with the simplest visual form of the project showing a single chromosomal aggregation process. We wanted to show the data is this unadulterated form, so you can see the real science in action, and the real chromosome structure, along with glowing red appearing to show where genes are most highly activated. It’s a glimpse into the complexity and form of one of the most important molecular structures in all of life. So musically I wanted to try and capture some of this grandeur, along with the complex messiness involved, which still yields a coherent, functional outcome (the living being it codes for and creates!)”

Watch the video below.

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