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Watch new animated video for Lake Turner’s ‘Honeycomb’

The track is included in his album ‘Videosphere’

London-based DJ and producer Andrew Halford, better known as Lake Turner, has released an animated and captivating video for his new single ‘Honeycomb’ which was released via Kompakt Records.

The audiovisual piece was created by Sam Wiehl and Ana Drucker, who worked remotely in the UK and Spain. Game engine technology (Unreal) was used to carry it out. In addition, Sam worked with the sculptures of Ana that were scanned in 3D and became the sets within the dystopian future of ‘Honeycomb’.

‘It was a really fun video to make and build with Unreal. The simple scaling of Ana’s sculptures within the landscapes created a whole new world for us to explore’, said director Sam Wiehl of his work.

Watch the video for Lake Turner’s ‘Honeycomb’ below and pick up your copy here.

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