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Watch new Bonobo’s video ‘Bamro Koyo Ganda’

The track is included on his latest album ‘Migration’.

Bonobo has premiered a new video of his recent LP. Entitled ‘Bamro Koyo Ganda’ the feature shows worldwide colorful scenes in synchronicity with the music. Also includes vocals from Innov Gnawa, a collective dedicated to exploring Morocco’s gnawa music tradition in the heart of New York City.

The music video was directed by StyleWar, he commented “If you look closely, you should notice that the smallest details have been tweaked to sync the music to the movement. Like the music of Bonobo, it celebrates the rhythmic beauty of our world.”

Bonobo is currently on a multi-continent tour. For more info and dates visit here.

Watch ‘Bamro Koyo Ganda’ video below.

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