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Watch Nicolas Jaar’s Latest Visual Experience, ‘Transitions’

Watch Nicolas Jaar’s latest visual experience, ‘Transitions’

Filmed during a night out in Brooklyn on September 2016.

Chilean artist Nicolas Jaar just premiered on Boiler Room his latest video experiment entitled ‘Transitions’.

The 68-minute video features a first person recording, during a night out in Brooklyn at the now-defunct DIY venue, Aviv. The film takes a cue from Jaar’s semi-fictitious network of interlocking radio stations as well as his latest studio album ‘Sirens’.

This is a preview of the artist’s future shows that include a performance at this year’s Sónar Festival.

Watch the video below.


01. Rainbow Power (T.Thomas)
02. I Know What U Did (Nymphs V)
03. American Dream Radio (Network #156)
04. A Coin In Nine Hands (Nymphs VI)
05. We Can Rise Above ()
06. Allegrate Con La Bulla (Cumbia 4 Trump)
07. Everybody ¡¡¡Slit-Thru-Lose-Control (Arca x Missy)
08. RealDeepSlash.wavp3
09. Free rotation 003 (Duckett – Naaice track!)
10. Elegua (Nico + Obbatuke Prod @ Manana fest 2016)
11. Swinging Stars Orchestra
12. Djal Bai Si Camin (A Dos Santos woowooo)
13. RIP Aviv
14. Make Your Transition (UR)
15. Who 2 Govern (Sirens)

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