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Watch official video for Vitalic’s ‘Haute Definition’

The final single from ‘DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1’.

French producer Vitalic has dropped the official music video for ‘Haute Definition’, which features his voice on one of his own tracks for the first time ever.

The feature explores relationships and love in this digital age, as it follows two characters becoming conscious actors of their love, building up their feelings from scratch and bringing them to life, by proxy, for a candid audience.

‘Haute Definition’ is a part of ‘DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1’, the anticipated fifth album from the acclaimed producer, landmarking 20 years of Vitalic’s esteemed career, recapping his body of work from his iconic 2007 ‘V Live’ album to the dreamy, cosmic journey of ‘Voyager’.

Watch the official video for ‘Haute Definition’ below. ‘DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1’ and ‘Haute Definition’ are out now on Clivage Records. Purchase your copy here.


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