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Photo Gallery: Carl Cox’s birthday at Resistance Ibiza

3:30AM. Privileges witching hour. The time the “King of Ibiza” graces the decks. The time you make yourself known to the dancefloor. The time you’re ready to embrace the immense heat of Privilege’s main room. Fresh water in the back pocket. You’re not going to be moving anywhere for the next 3 hours. Surrounded by 9,999 others who know exactly what they’ve come for and will never be disappointed by. Carl Cox has just begun and he’s going to take you on a musical adventure.

Unos, dos, tres, here we go!

The room brimmed beyond all recognizable doubt. Lasers glittering and sparkling, enthralling all. Privilege’s main room looking mesmerizingly beautiful. Everybody smiling as Coxy plays his first piano infused track. Warming up by flicking seamlessly between house, techno and heavy, spacey numbers. Repetitive stabbing synths lines and eerie pads rise and fall, filling the huge room. Rolling basses and underlying deep, thudding kicks fill your ears. You know what he’s going to deliver and you know he’s going to deliver it, BIG. This is Carl Cox and we salute you.

Wath the birthday gallery below.

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