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Watch Popof’s “Going Back” New Video

Watch Popof’s “Going Back” new video

After Popof’s recent release “Love Somebody” on Hot Creations the artist moves forward with a new video for the single “Going Back”.

Love Somebody’s  second single features Arno Joey’s hypnotic vocals and genre-bending sounds. The result is a multi-sonority crossover track, the missing link between house / techno music and pop.

The video also features other french renowned artists like tattoo artist Guy le Tatooer, graffiti artist and performer Nilko White, contemporary dancer Fanny Sage and performer Mike Garcia. “Going Back” is a stylized visual freakshow extravaganza.

The track’s musical duality, underground versus disco chic, visually illustrates the junction between two worlds. Reality and fantasy merge, strange creatures appear, the concept of time and space dissolves. Monochrome replaces color, black and white dominate, and characters are not what they appear to be.

The album is available through different digital stores.


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