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Watch Suitman Jungle play DnB Live in his track breakdown for Point Blank

For Point Blank’s latest track breakdown video they joined Suitman Jungle at his home studio in East London to see exactly how he creates his high-octane, live drum-infused tracks.

Looking like he’s just clocked-off work, Suitman Jungle is renowned for his office attire and, of course, his relentless live drumming. He’s a big fan of drum breaks and uses them religiously throughout his production process, blending live elements with sampled sounds to create something that’s unique and incredibly entertaining to watch performed live. Below, Suitman Jungle breaks down how he made his track ‘Amen Break / Commercial Break’ in which he sampled the original 7″ that the Amen Break derives from, the eponymous ‘Amen Brother’ by The Winstons. If you’d like to learn more about how sampling works, check out Point Blank’s online courses.

During the track breakdown, Suitman Jungle shows how he created his track ‘Amen Break / Commercial Break’ by blending electronic sampling with live drumming and vocals. With the Amen Break sample assigned to his kick drum pedal, he is able to trigger the sample whilst playing the rest of the track’s elements through his Roland drum pads. The track features only a few elements; time-stretched vocals, time-stretched breaks, Moog bass one-shots, and his incredible drumming. Stick around to the end of the video to see him perform in all his suited glory.

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