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A Weekend With Danny Howells

A weekend with Danny Howells

After his shows in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, Danny Howells flew to the Atlantic coast of Argentina for the last performance of his recent Argentina mini tour.

Summer just kicked off at Mar del Plata and ‘the Mute’ beaches. During the first season weekend, the main artist in charge of making people dance was the one and only Danny Howells.

His “deepsexyfuturistictechfunkhouse” landed on December, Saturday, 9th, alongside local hero Barem, who delivered a steady session to the large group of early attendees, who danced to his techno rhythms in a festive mood.

On this occasion, event promoters Family Jones made a good effort putting the party together; with firemen and security personnel spread all over the place. They also offered a hydration point, a nursery and a relaxation area, as well as informative newsletters with a series of recommendations for the day.

After a ‘bromance’ hug with Barem we saw the British DJ taking command of the booth. He wore a ‘SURGE Activism’ T-shirt, expressing the love he has for animals and his constant struggle to help avoid their suffering.

Inside a full tent, Howells gave us an outstanding musical session in the following two hours. He moved from different genres including some techno classics, like ‘Forum’, a track by the renowned Julian Jeweil. His session ended with a big ovation around 5:30 in the morning, when the sun was about to go up.

After a well-deserved rest, we met again on Sunday, December 10th at an exclusive event held in the San Bernardo area and produced by Electronic Music Session, celebrating its director Walter Athos´ birthday.

Set in a location far away from the city, the party was exclusively for 100 people. An admirable setting by Arte Extensible and some beats played by Frankie M kicked off the event at around noon.

Accompanied by fruits and drinks for all attendees, rising progressive artist Mariano Mellino was present at the place and people came together to enjoy a great evening. A lovely atmosphere was created while tracks like ‘Altera Fabula’ by Robert R.Hardy, and ‘Insomnium (Marcelo Paladini Remix) played on the sound system,. The weather was great all afternoon, so people did not hesitate to go out and dance in the sunshine.

The turn for the great Danny Howells came. His versatility was in line with the beautiful sunset we admired that day. We watched him run through different genres. The DJ changed the musical direction as the hours passed; house beats were played as the sun descended and, when it got dark, so did his music, playing tracks like ‘Full Moon’ by Michael Hooker & M.E.E Remix. In a harmoniously energetic and, at the same time, festive atmosphere, we were surrounded by smiles as we listened to old classics like ‘The Russian’ by Kink and ‘Shut up and Party’ by CREAM. Even Howell’s own track ‘Dusk Till Dawn’was included in the artist’s playlist.

The event came to an end, and with it a memorable weekend, we definitely look forward to his return to Argentina!

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