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Whirling Dervish presents Sven Väth & Mr. C in Denver

‘With our thoughts, we make the world.’

Sven Väth is in-bound to make his highly anticipated Denver debut this Friday 25th, as he links up with Mr. C for a unique Whirling Dervish showcase at Reelworks, home of WD’s Warehouse Experience.

In a uniquely historic moment in time for Denver, Sven has chosen to party at Reelworks as part of the release tour for ‘Catharisis’ his first album in 20 years. ‘Catharsis’ is inspired by Sven’s interest in the physical and spiritual processes that take place when we dance.

‘They are realms into which we immerse ourselves to experience our own mysticism and ecstasy,’ Väth muses. ‘Dancing is a conversation between body and soul and it spiritually connects us with each other.’ The arrival of Covid in 2019 has put paid to so many of us from feeling this vibe, as Sven says: ‘No dancing, no paradise!’. ‘My imagination for this record was fueled by the many cultural experiences and encounters I have had in my life. They gave me the strength to find a way, the way to myself.’ That way to himself is through music, through purifying dancing rituals, and the exchange of spiritual energies that are generated as Sven weaves his spells to the crowd.

‘Catharsis’ will be released on February 25th, and spans over 13 tracks that cover all the angles of Sven’s unique style and sound. Never one to conform to type, the album is much like Sven’s legendary set’s rolled into one piece of art. Stomping, yet soothing, in ‘Catharisis’ there is melody and minimalism, combined with rousing messages of hope and freedom. And as always ambiance plays a big part in Sven’s productions, adding elements of deepness and emotion to his craft. ‘With our thoughts, we make the world,’ says Sven.

‘Catharsis’ is co-written with long-standing music partner and highly respected German producer Gregor Tresher. Together they have long been part of the Cocoon family, a family that single-handedly introduced techno to Ibiza and has remained its prime energy source for over 20 years.

To better accommodate Sven Väth’s legendary vinyl-only sets, this Friday, the DJ booth at Reelworks will be purposely rebuilt for this event only, minimizing interference and vibration from its massive, purpose-built Vertex system, yet offering the fans a great view of the master at work.

Also on the bill, this Friday sees the return to Reelworks of UK techno legend Mr C. Another unique artist whose style and sound have captured the hearts of Colorado clubbers. Mr. C is known around the globe as the founder of Superfreq, Plink Plonk, and End Recordings, performing as the frontman for The Shamen, the co-owner of The End nightclub, and another pioneering force in the house music scene.

Purchase your tickets for Sven Väth & Mr. C at Reelworks, here.

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