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WhoMadeWho join forces with Jan Blomqvist for a special London celebration

Photo Credit: Lasse Bak Mejlvang


Nowhere Events is set to present WhoMadeWho’s ‘UUUU’ album launch party this Saturday, September 24th, 2022. The gathering will take place at London’s KOKO (1A Camden High Street), starting at 10 PM.

For this very special occasion, WhoMadeWho will also be joined by special guest Jan Blomqvist (live), and further support will be provided by Rockin Moroccin.

‘UUUU’ means a lot to us. The album points towards new adventures both in the studio and playing live around the world. It’s very clean and yet very playful at the same time. Inspired by both ’90s and 00s Electronica and 80s Post-Disco, stylistically ‘UUUU’ is still kept within our own WhoMadeWho indie-club frame. We worked with the producer Rampa from Keinemusik on the album. He pushed us at times when we were stuck, he changed multiple demos of ours that were heading for the trash and turned them into great songs. He also worked brilliantly, finding the core essence of our extensive levels of creative inputs. Not an easy task, since we are often all over the place. ‘UUUU’ is loaded with new colors. Kat Frankie joined us on several tracks, giving us an inspiring female counterpart. Also, Frank Wiedeman, Jens Kuross, Davide Rossi, AVA4K, and others helped us levitate. We have tried to make the album a voyage and a psychedelic trip to the best of our abilities. We hope you like it.” said WhoMadeWho about their new record.

You can purchase your tickets for WhoMadeWho’s ‘UUUU’ album launch party at KOKO here.

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