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Wild Dark: “We Like To Be Over-prepared”

Wild Dark: “We like to be over-prepared”

Wild Dark is an exploration of all that is organic and soulful within a framework of a refined, forward thinking sound that combines elements of house, techno, electronica and everything in between to create a truly fresh take on modern dance music.

We talked with them ahead of the December 30th Bespoke Musik’s gig at Ouput Brooklyn.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys, it’s a pleasure to chat with you. To get things started tell us about how you guys met and when you decided to start working together.

Wild Dark: Well, we met July 2nd, 1981… the day Ryan popped out of our mother’s pregnant belly. We think it was about three weeks later we decided that forming Wild Dark was going to be our path of choice 🙂 In all seriousness, we have always encompassed a strong passion for music. Our appreciation of electronic music started around 1995. Corey found his love in the New York club scene while Ryan was embedded in the underground rave culture. We started our first dj duo project in 1998, and the rest is history.

Electronic Groove: What can you tell about your musical backgrounds. Are you guys classically trained or did you learn on the go?

Wild Dark: We come from a pretty musically gifted family, so I guess we inherited some groove. Both of us played saxophone (alto, soprano, and tenor) for over a decade in band and jazz band in our early years, however, neither of us are classically trained. We’re learning more and more as we go.

“We are always creating, together and individually”

Electronic Groove: You’re an active part of NY’s Bespoke Musik. How did you guys get involved with them?

Wild Dark: Bespoke Musik have been our friends and family since before conception. Rocky has been one of our closest friends for over a decade, as well as original co-founder Rami of Bedouin, who we were roommates with while Bespoke was launching in it’s initial phases. Our mutual love for the scene we’re in, the music we play and appreciate, and our vision for the brand allowed for a natural fit. For more info and bookings contact:

Electronic Groove: What is the production process when creating a new track? Does each of you have a special area of expertise?

Wild Dark: We are always creating, together and individually. When it comes time to decide on the new tracks to focus on for next releases, we give a proper listen to our full catalog of whats in the works and narrow them down to a handful that work together in vibe. From there we go, no rules or regulations on how it gets done. Just focus and perseverance.

Electronic Groove: Talking about studio gadgets, what are your favorite ones? Do you enjoy any old school equipment or is it mostly software?

Wild Dark: Currently we’re very much into recording our own organic elements and live drums for our productions. Maschine has been a fun addition as a controller within Ableton, and we recently picked up a JP-08 that we’ve been messing around with.

Electronic Groove: Can you guys elaborate on the preparation that goes into your DJ sets?

Wild Dark: Our set preparation has been the same since the beginning. We always consider the venue, the time slot, and the other artists we’re playing with when choosing the tracks we’d like to have in our arsenal. We’re very organized, and over the years have developed our own system which allows us to work on the fly, playing for the vibe and the crowd. We like to be over-prepared. It’s time consuming, but well worth it to deliver a set that all enjoy.

“We are incredibly excited to be a part of such a high profile line up”

Electronic Groove: On Friday, December 30th you guys are playing at Output with an impressive lineup that includes Recondite, Daniel Bortz and Nicola Cruz. Can you share any special tunes that will be played that day?

Wild Dark: We are incredibly excited to be a part of such a high profile line up. Each artist on the bill is of pure quality, yet all diverse in their sound. That being said, you could expect that we will create the perfect opening vibe with the deep signature sound we’ve been pushing. We’re going to showcase a handful of new originals and some remixes that are perfect for an opening set.

Electronic Groove: What can you tell us about your plans for 2017? Any special events we should be looking for?

Wild Dark: Currently our manager, Rocky from Bespoke, is working out our first quarter schedule, but definitely expect some new EP releases in the early new year 🙂 Last year we played the SXM Festival in beautiful Saint Martin. It’s a must for any “techno tourist“.. .We’ll be there once again this coming March!

Electronic Groove: What do you like to listen when you’re chilling out and unwinding?

Wild Dark: Both of us now live in Westchester, New York, surrounded by trees, rivers and wildlife. It’s safe to say chilling out up here is easy to do. As of lately Sigur Ros’s ‘Untitled’ album has been on repeat, along with Radioheads ‘In Rainbows’ and Cubicolors ‘Brainsugar’.

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