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Will Saul Covers Underground Resistance’s Classic ‘Your Time Is Up’

Will Saul covers Underground Resistance’s classic ‘Your Time Is Up’

Yolanda’s vocals were recreated by Berlin vocalist Gilli.jpg

Founded back in 2006 by Will Saul and Fink, Aus Music is set to celebrate its 150th release with ‘Your Time Is Up’. The new track is a cover of Underground Resistance’s 1990 seminal classic, which featured Yolanda on the vocals.

Saul’s rework comes with the full blessing of Underground Resistance’s Mike Banks after approaching them to clear a Yolanda sample from the track. The Detroit-based crew instead suggested the artist re-record the vocals and release a cover with the same title. This is the first time the techno pioneers have officially agreed to one of their back-catalog to be covered.

‘To have the artistic license to pay homage to such a seminal track was nothing short of life-affirming, to be honest’, said Saul about the opportunity.

The digital release will be uploaded via Skint Records, and Aus Music will release the vinyl exclusively, which also features Saul’s ‘Money In the B’ version of ‘Your Time Is Up’, plus remixes from Move D and Space Dimension Controller.

The release features artwork by Trevor Jackson, whose pop-art influenced work has been seen on releases including the undisputable 80’s dance classic, Raze‘s ‘Break 4 Love’, and S’Express‘Theme from S’Express’.

100% of the vinyl profits & Will Saul‘s royalties will be donated to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Will Saul’s ‘Your Time Is Up’ is out now, and you can grab your copy here.


  1. Your Time Is Up feat Gilli.jpg
  2. Your Time Is Up (Money In The B Version)
  3. Your Time Is Up (Move D Remix)
  4. Your Time Is Up (Space Dimension Controller’s TX707 Mix)
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