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WNDR ‘gets down’ with new single

The release is out via Icons Creating Evil Art.

Norwegian DJ and producer WNDR has just released  his new single, ‘Get Down.’ The track is a tropical house tune with infectious synths, a deep bassline, and a captivating female vocal melody.

WNDR has been making music since he was 10 years old, and his talent for creating catchy dance tunes has been evident since the start. His debut single, ‘Medicine,’ was a platinum hit in Norway, and his follow-up singles, ‘Human’ and ‘Higher,’ have also been well-received by fans.

 “I was going through a tough time when I wrote this track,” WNDR said. “I was feeling lost and uninspired, but I found solace in music. I started writing this track as a way to express my feelings, and it ended up becoming a song about overcoming adversity.”

Listen to ‘Get Down’ below or stream it via Spotify.

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