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Wolf Story duo share their latest projects and musical backgrounds

Miami’s Wolf Story duo is composed by Steve Sanx and Rico from Paris. Coming from different musical backgrounds they joined together to create their own sound. Steve has signed on numerous labels in solo, he is also the master mind behind Goldentears and Beachside records, 2 labels getting consistently featured on Beatport. Rico started to DJ with Popof in the 90’s, he created vinyl label Oxygen Records, receiving support from Laurent Garnier and more recently he created Bimini records. They shared a moment with us to give us his musical vision and coming projects.

Electronic Groove: Hello Rico and Steve, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. To get things started, could you guys let us know about your highlights in terms of productions and gigs for the year so far?

Wolf Story:  We’ve had some nice gigs at Treehouse Miami and Stache in Fort Lauderdale; we will be back at Stache in July, date to be confirmed. On the production side we had a release on Goldentears called “The Hunter“. We are working on collabs with Romanian artist Luca M and Italian duo 7th Star.

Electronic Groove: In regards to your past, what things have you done on your own before Wolf Story started and how did you get together?

Rico: Many years ago I used to play at Rex Club in Paris and ran a Drum n’ Bass label named Oxygen Records. Things were not as structured as today, I could get a gig in Barcelona and sleep on the beach in the morning, no problem.

Steve: Playing Live instruments were my passion since I was very young, I used to love recording myself playing guitar and listened to my recordings over and over again. When I learned music production, my perspectives changed completely and turned more towards electronic music.

We met through our dear friend Andy Slate he simply saw an opportunity for us to work together, we are very grateful for that.

Electronic Groove: How would you describe Wolf Story’s sound? Do you guys focus on any particular genre or are there are different musical points of view that define your style?

Wolf Story:  We try not to be stuck in one genre, we can do techno and house. Steve loves an uplifting groove and Rico likes trippy melodies.

Electronic Groove: Besides Wolf Story you run an already successful label Bimini Records with 11 releases so far. What’s the label’s approach and what are any further plans?  and upcoming plans.

Wolf Story: Steve runs two labels, Beachside Records and Goldentears Records. Goldentears is the most recent one, which featured very high profile artists such as Volkoder and DFormation, the next EP will be by  Spanish talent Javi Colors. Rico runs Bimini Records, “Atlantis” EP will be out in June, made by this lovely couple named 7th Star aka Valentina Black & Nihil Young. Bimini will have a short feature published on DJ Mag in July; make sure you look for it, as it is Rico’s first interview for the magazine.

Electronic Groove: How do you select new releases for the label, are you open to artists promos or would prefer to interact with regular friends and peers?

Wolf Story: We are open to demos. Steve seeks a very distinct sound for Beachside in contrast to Goldentears. Beachside tends to be slightly deeper and Goldentears more dance floor oriented. Rico can release anything on Bimini as long as it is fun and groovy

Electronic Groove: Who do you consider your biggest influencers in your career? Any particular artist/s that helped creating your musical path?

Rico: Popof and Matt Cantor of The Freestylers whom I shared the stage with many times, the other name that comes up is Adam Beyer as his first Planet Rhythm EP was one of my first vinyls in the 90’s.

SteveMauro Picotto is my first reference and the reason why I am doing electronic music nowadays. Joseph Capriati, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull and Dave Clarke are my biggest source of inspiration amongst others.

Electronic Groove: You both have some experience in the electronic music circuit, now residing in Miami, USA. What do you think about the evolution of the US scene with festivals like UMF or Movement?  Are you into these kind of gatherings or would prefer “intimate” club parties?

Steve: I prefer smaller clubs as they are more intimate and it’s easier to socialize with others. UMF and Movement are great in my opinion. It is impressive how they can bring together the biggest artists in the scene in one single place.

Rico: I have attended some 9 UMF and saw incredible talents I would have never seen anywhere else, even when I lived in Europe. I never attended Movement but will be happy to do so, however, I do like smaller clubs.

Electronic Groove: What are your plans for this summer? Any tour in sight? Or do you guys prefer to stay focused on the labels growth? 

Wolf Story:  Produce more music, once we have reached the labels we want, the gigs should come naturally. And yes our three labels are a big part of the picture as well!

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