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Woo York Will Release Debut Album On Afterlife

Woo York will release debut album on Afterlife

The LP will showcase their dark and deep techno beats.

Ukranian duo Woo York just announced they are releasing their debut album on Tale of Us’ label, Afterlife.

The LP entitled ‘Chasing The Dream’ offers thirteen tracks where they move from their usual trippy, melodic techno to more experimental sounds.

“We wanted this album to be a complete journey that will take you to different emotions,” said Woo York. “Sometimes melancholic, sometimes even romantic, or energetic, or nostalgic. We didn’t want it to be just full of 4×4 functional dancefloor music, but also to show our wider range”, they commented.

The album is set to be out on May 14th.

Listen to the promotional single ‘Chasing the Dream’ below, and pre-order here.

A1. Inception
A2. More Than a Feeling
A3. Through Peaks and Valleys
A4. Burning With You
B1. Energy Pulse
B2. Kadastre
B3. Equilibrium
C1. Walk Along The Rainbow
C2. Second Breath
C3. Chasing The Dream
D1. There is a Light
D2. Rise
D3. Chasing The Dream (Instrumental Mix)

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