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WooMoon Tulum: “La Magia De La Musica Existe”

WooMoon Tulum: “La Magia de la Musica Existe”

Traveling to Tulum with all its sugar white sands, jade-green water and tropical breezes, was just what my hippie-soul needed. With dreamy intentions and expectations to experience some of the best underground music talent in the world.

Photos by Jacob Avanzato

I had come to a place where wifi was wonky, and making eye contact with everyone you meet to share a smile and a “hola” was a necessity. It was while I was swinging on the bar swings at Ziggy Beach Club that a lovely staff member told me about the WooMooN Full Moon Party at Papaya Playa Project, one of the many eco-friendly hotels sprinkled along the main beach strip of Tulum. I was intrigued and determined to witness the etherealness of “La Magia de WooMooN.

Most often if not always, it’s those unexpected turn of events that etch an indelible mark on your heart and soul, leaving you smiling, and swaying to the experiences they bring with them. On this amazing musical journey I quickly learned to be extremely appreciative and observant of not just the music, but the people of Tulum and the sacred, spiritual aura that envelops them and their land. On this magical music filled trip, I quickly came to understand that it is how you react when things don’t go your way that shapes your outlook on life and builds strength within you to conquer the seemingly never ending journey to success and happiness.

So with no plan in hand, I was offered a scooter ride to Papaya Playa Project by my Airbnb host Pako. With fingers and toes crossed, I hoped to gain entrance into the sold out event. After meeting Christian Len of Life Soundtracking, the event communication manager, I was granted entrance into the event. I was brimming with excitement at the prospect of writing about such an eclectic event!

Enthusiastically I made my way into the wonderment of WooMooN, a musical mirage synonymous for its heart and soul elevating energies which apparently are its side effects.  If ecstasy had a physical appearance, it would be in this space, and I was ready to seductively lost in the music and ambience of WooMooN.

The allegorical sounds of exotic and alluring instrumental beats filled the bohemian venue of a hippie crowd that resonated a spiritual vibe while dancing shoeless, floating like lotus flowers on a sandy dance floor. I was free to indulge in a variety of activities and vegan delicacies. Finely-crafted jewelry, and authentic cultural garb were welcomed distractions to the immensity of music talent that played on from 3 to 6 am. This was truly an incredible multi-sensory experience that I had stumbled upon. Having no expectations almost always leads to great revelations, and this event was no exception!

Upon arriving around 8:00pm, I was instantly lulled by the sounds of Crussen who was putting a modern electronic twist to his tribal beats. My body instinctively needed to move to his infectious musical vibrational energy. Friendly faces, open-armed “WooMooNers”, welcomed me warmly into this full moon party family.

Berlin native and WooMooN resident, Rampue, inspired full moon revelers with a mesmerizing set that blended deep progressive bass lines, Latin-inspired melodies and tribal ambient embellishments. I was drenched in a sea of sun kissed arms that stretched up towards the sky seemingly in search of some kind intuitive spiritual rebirth.

Intermission brought on incredible theatrical talent and the crowd was captivated and spellbound with its message of the wolf moon. Set to tribal sounds of Mayan culture with a stunning backdrop of the crashing waves from the Caribbean sea, the performance provided the perfect introspective pause of the intuitive powers of the full wolf moon and the universe that embraces it.

With the moon casting its augural energy above the Caribbean skies, Be Svendsen gave us a delightful indulgence into the pleasures of the senses. Sensually exhilarating, and spiritually enlightening his set had me shaking my head in disbelief with how much joy I could feel track after track.

On to the smoothest of transitions from artist to artist we were lead into the sounds of Blond:ish! This Canadian guru duo absolutely blew my mind with their psychedelically tinged house and evocative sonic palettes that prepared us for a continued journey into spiritual invigoration. Cirque du Soleil type dancers contorted their toned bodies in cyclical motions that seem to mimic an electrically charged robot, bumping bodies were moving and grooving to the euphoric hypnosis of Blond:ish.

Despite the intermittent downpour of rain, we all seemed willing and contented to drown ourselves in the experimental and original sounds of Audiofly. The rain continued as did the music and the dreamy vibes that were still prevalent despite the bipolar weather conditions.

Finally, YokoO embraced the dancefloor with his usual dynamic and honest approach to creating forward thinking music. Watching him, it is apparent that he is dynamically in tune and in love with what he does. His set invites us to feed on his delicious energy, so that we are collectively devouring the warm melodies and heavy basslines that help create a unique sound that is deep, pumping and emotive.

Fueled by a melange of live music, local and international DJs, art, food, theatre, interactive entertainment, and fantasy, the decadent WooMooN is my kind of “good vibe tribe”. This unplanned event was the best way to begin my 4 day music menagerie in beautiful Tulum.

Special thanks to all of the staff at Papaya Playa Project who worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone was safe and blissful throughout the 15 hour interactive journey. I cannot say enough about the generous support and kindness of Christian Len of Life Soundtracking who ensured my access into the sold out event! Viva La Magia de WooMooN!

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