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Words Of Niō – Cold Shoulder – Get Physical Music

Spanish multi-instrumentalist Words Of Niō has become a synonym for hypnotic and emotional. From an Ibiza residency at Sankeys to ADE, and Mixmag’s The LAB, Words Of Niō loves to create and spends all his time between Atlanta and Ibiza, either playing or producing, while musically considering himself a sound chameleon due to his willingness to change and adapt and unwillingness to stick to one formula.

Exploring new textures, colors, formulas where he steps away from his comfort zone in order to push his own boundaries, the ever-evolving artist presents his new single for Get Physical Music, ‘Cold Shoulder’.

Cavernous, ‘Cold Shoulder’ blossoms over subtle throbbing pulse that lays the lakebed for a deep and intimate journey where nothing is what it seems. With meticulous production and sound design, Words Of Niō keeps listeners locked in at every turn with a primal beat, while intricate arrangements sway in misdirection. But it’s the vocal line where the true trick lies. Through delicate spacing techniques, the poignant message appears and disappears on different plains, like mirages that vanish as soon as they come in sight, echoing over leathered percussive patterns

More than a late-night tribal ritual, ‘Cold Shoulder’ feels directed at us, bound to generate a delicious moment of introspection across all dancefloors. A hybrid that stands on a class of its own, towering grim and captivating at the same time.

Words Of Niō’s ‘Cold Shoulder’ is out now via Get Physical Music, including a remix by Jelico. Purchase your copy here.

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