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Yahra – Lightly- 3rd Avenue

Boasting releases on labels like Flug Lab, The Purr, and 3rd Avenue, Indian-born Phoenix-based producer Yahra is known for his exuberant and cinematic take on the more organic side of progressive house. Now, Yahra returns to Madloch’s 3rd Avenue for a luxurious two-track journey with the release of his ‘Lightly’ EP.

Opening the record, lush propulsive effects thrust us gently into a deep pool of light where particles float like embers suspended in mid-air before a hypnotic bassline sweeps under our feet. As we glide through ‘Lightly’ in a pure state of communion with our surroundings in a rousing second act, Yahra unleashes a sting of endless synthesizers that lock around us with their arresting hue, leading down to a breathtaking breakdown. Here, the voices of sirens enchant us with their electric, chopped tones before letting go in a luscious finale. Aptly named, ‘Lightly’ treads with care and a warm embrace, showcasing the more tender side of Yahra.

On the b-side, a bright line reels listeners in as it calls to agitated percussive patterns that heighten the anticipation before releasing an irrepressible progressive beat. Armed with delightful arrangements, ‘isec’ wiggles its way through neon string swells that soar carefree into a gripping break where iridescent colors light up the ambiance. Surging from the depths, Yahra rides a razor-sharp synth line that ascends into the heart of the sun, only to come back down encrusted at the core of ‘isec’ for a narcotic last act before dissolving into the ether and reconfiguring our chemistry.

A fine act of sonic wizardry, Yahra’s new ‘Lightly’ EP is certainly a stand-out release in the blossoming producer’s discography, adding a most welcomed layer to an intricate catalog of sounds.

Listen to Yahra’s new ‘Lightly’ EP for 3rd Avenue below, and purchase your copy of the EP here.

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