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Yair Zarmon – Paradise – Polyptych Limited

Israeli DJ, producer, and former club promoter Yair Zarmon hails from both the Tel Aviv and New York underground electronic scenes and is known to combine those influences in his productions and DJ sets.

Now, Yair joins the ranks over at Polyptych Limited with the drop of ‘Paradise’ EP, a collection of three forward-thinking cuts that take inspiration from forgotten raves, thrusting them into the future.

Opening up proceedings, a restless metal percussive pattern calls us inside a throbbing low end as it sways, changing pitches before a mangled robotic vocal resonates, lost inside the machine. Constant, Yair Zarmon’s ‘Good Hammered’ keeps rolling deeper inside as ghastly atmospherics engulf us in a cloud of uncertainty and mystery that shrouds the piece in new textures and arrangements for a heady, introspective journey into narcotic waters.

On the second cut, pulsating percussions traverse through a myriad of sonic effects and dubbed-out stabs in blistering fashion before their twists and turns lead us down to a menagerie of delectable vocal flashes that emit a neon hue that light up the road ahead. Sporting a true beast of a breakdown, ‘Got The Feeling’ showcases Zarmon’s complete gamut of expressions in this state-of-the-art cut that is bound to get everyone in the right mood.

With a truly memorable entrance, ‘Eyes of Paradise’ wraps up the EP with its reverb-drenched vocals and echoing, setting the tone for a grand finale where a meandering bassline takes hold as it contorts around us, enveloping listeners in its warm embrace. With expert care, Yair Zarmon patiently bides its time as whispers entrance us with visions of paradise as we give into this free-flowing growler, providing one last mesmerizing moment.

Yair Zarmon’s ‘Paradise’ EP is out now on Polyptych Limited. Purchase your copy here.

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