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Yaya announces debut album ‘You Decide’

Fusing his minimalist style and avant-garde spirit.

Yassin Ligali Ali, an artist known in the electronic scene as Yaya, is preparing to launch his first LP entitled ‘You Decide’. The music material will be available on vinyl followed by a digital version.

For the creation of this album, the musician honored his African ethnic roots and his Italian education in Turin, where he was a street drummer. Yaya took the influences of her father, who was a singer and lead vocal of the ‘M’Bamina’ ensemble. Proving that the love for music is shared by his family, the LP will feature Yoruba voices by his sister Karice.

“I firmly believe that each one of us is solely responsible for their actions, choices and consequences. All the times of your life, you decide. This album was produced during this past year in different periods and different places: from India to Miami, from Peru to the Maldives, so I hope you can spot where each track takes inspiration from” Yaya commented about his work.

‘You Decide’ will be available on November 4th via Tamango Records. Listen to ‘Ebi Awon’ and check the tracklist below.

Vinyl Tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Be Yourself
3. Black Mamba
4. Ebi Awon
5. One Way
6. Lost Beach
7. Love And Hate
8. Outro

Digital Tracklist (Release Date TBC):

1. Intro
2. Night And Day
3. She Is Not For Me
4. Trust Me
5. Be Y ourself
6. Black Mamba
7. Ebi Awon
8. One Way
9. Lost Beach
10. Love And Hate
11. In My Head
12. Outro

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