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Yousef Announces New Album, ‘9 Moor Drive’

Yousef announces new album, ‘9 Moor Drive’

It will be an autobiographic release.

DJ and producer Yousef has announced his fourth studio album, ‘9 Moor Drive’, named like this in honor of his family home in Liverpool. With this LP the artist opens the door to his turbulent and often uncertain childhood through music. It is a material that, according to the press of the artist, will take the listeners to a trip through a difficult period of ten years that he lived there, since he was four to fourteen years.

9 Moor Drive is autobiographical, but it isn’t a bleeding-heart story about hard times or anguish. It’s about dealing with life’s difficulties, exploring creativity and reminiscing about my life’s defining moments. It is the final piece in a long cathartic process about those times”, Yousef commented.

On the first single ‘Riches To Rags’,  he points directly to the financial decline his family had on this period. Then we could say it is the first piece of the wider puzzle that defines a long and cathartic healing process.

‘9 Moor Drive’ will be available August 16th via Circus Recordings. You can preorder your copy here.

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