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Zurich recognizes ‘Techno Culture’ as part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage

Another step forward for techno.

Electronic music and especially techno has been recently recognized as part of Zurich’s intangible cultural heritage among Switzerland’s UNESCO standing.

This naming is part of the city’s own plan to change its image. As published in Swiss newspaper Limmattaler Zeitung, Basel-based professor and member of the persuading committee, Walter Leimgruber, has explained that the techno culture development and growth through its club scene and annual street parade “lends Zürich a young, open, hedonistic and international reputation”.

This electronic music recognition is added to similar ones in other cities like Berlin and Viena where clubs are considered cultural heritage as well as the recent mention in Chicago where Djing was recognized as a form of art.

Watch 2017’s Zurich Street Parade trailer.

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