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ZUSO unveils atmospheric track ‘Crystal Lights’

Embodying feelings of freedom, influenced by his EP ‘Lost In Time’.

Photo credit: Karlo Apostol

ZUSO, led by Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, has released an atmospheric single titled ‘Crystal Lights’. He shares that the track was developed organically, embodying feelings of liberation and escape.

In a discussion about the release, Gabriel said, “I created ‘Crystal Lights’ spontaneously. The song, written in a short span of time, encapsulates the quintessential ZUSO sound. I was influenced by my previous EP, ‘Lost In Time’, and sought to replicate its evocative feelings of escape and vivid imagery. This track is perfect for those who wish to lose themselves and shed their concerns. I hope it resonates with listeners in the same way.”

ZUSO, under LOVE CLVB and global label Sweat It Out, recently launched noteworthy singles ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Hold Me’ in Sydney. His distinctive blend of progressive house, breakbeat, and drum & bass is influenced by Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8, and Tourist.

Listen to ‘Crystal Lights’ below and download your copy here.

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