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A jungle rendezvous: Day Zero Tulum

As a first-time attendee at the legendary Day Zero festival in Tulum, held on the 12th of January within the mystical Dos Ojos Park, I found myself swept away by the enchantment of this extraordinary event that ran from 4 pm until noon the following day.

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

The Dos Palmas Cenote, with its ethereal surroundings, provided a unique setting that enhanced the festival’s experience once again. Surrounded by lush greenery and the natural wonders of the jungle, Day Zero  truly immersed its attendees in a magical environment, fostering a sense of unity and diversity among the partygoers.

This year, as they claimed, the organization made several improvements in the amenities and transport services but what really made the difference was the acrobatics and the performance of the alien creatures from the future and the ancient Mayans.

The lineup boasted an array of world-class DJs who showcased their distinct styles, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. DJ Tennis set the tone with an eclectic performance, reaching a climax with the euphoric track ‘Around’ by Solomun. Dennis Cruz’s soulful mixes, featuring tracks like ‘Just as Long’ and ‘Dope Dance,’ had the entire jungle dancing to his refreshing beats.

Later on, the dynamic WhoMadeWho took the main stage, delivering an unexpected twist as the American DJ Diplo graced the mic, creating a once-in-a-lifetime moment for the audience. Seth Troxler’s performance, added to the sonic tapestry and fulfilled the huge expectations put on him by the audience, while Skream,  moved the crowd with his evocative beats as he has us used to. Patrick Mason kept the groovy dancing alive, and Joeski ensured the jungle energy persisted even at 8 am after the 13 hours of non-stop music.

The supporting DJs were no less impressive. Rising star Airrica, Tibi Dabo with his sunrise set, and local talents like Shiro Schwarz, Metrika, and international MIMI XFY, contributed to the diversity of the musical journey, making ‘Day Zero’ a melting pot of sounds and talent.

A special nod must be given to the master of the ceremony, Damian Lazarus, who delivered a mixed set with different styles from electric techno to groovy dance. By the time he played a version of ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ the jungle was packed vibing to his magic. -No wonder why he is the creative mind behind this magical festival-.

Lastly, a big thanks to the dedicated team for curating such a remarkable event. Their commitment to preserving the environment while offering a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the jungle is truly commendable. As I reflect on this unforgettable night, I can’t help but admire at the harmony between music and nature. Here’s to hoping that future events will continue to embrace such thoughtful approaches to celebrating both music and the environment. Day Zero is setting a high standard for immersive, eco-conscious festivities that leave a lasting impact on both the soul and the jungle.

Can’t wait to immerse myself in the jungle next year!
With mystical love,

Andrea Mendez

Relive some of the best scenes from Day Zero below.

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