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Acado creates platform to connect people and preserve electronic music culture

The online space seeks to provide an increasingly social experience.

In times when the spread of the COVID-19 virus has made physical distancing a law in the entire world, the idea of ​​the KeepInTouch platform was born. Under the motto of “preserving culture and connecting people”, this project has been conceived as a digital venture that allows you to live an interactive experience with friends and acquaintances: from concerts, classes, and other activities to entertain and/or learn.

“We want to help people stay in touch and continue sharing experiences,” say its creators, Daniel and Felix from the German duo Acado about KeepInTouch. Also, there will be an option of attending various events online, and will open the possibility of being with hundreds of people “in a room”.

Thus, with this undertaking, it is desired to offer an alternative income to all those affected by the crisis, and at the same time seek to help people to stay in contact and continue sharing moments without having physical contact. To develop and launch it is expected to raise € 15,000.

You can learn more about KeepInTouch and make your donations here. Listen to Daniel and Felix’s proposal below.


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