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Acid Pauli Produces Soundtrack For German Movie (Video)

Acid Pauli produces soundtrack for German movie (Video)

The label managed by Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan, Ouïe,  has announced the release of the ‘Es war Einmal Indianerland’ movie soundtrack, to be featured on cinemas starting October 13th.

The artist himself has been in charge to create the music for the movie that has been directed by Ilker Çatak. The plot tells about a young couple moving from their teenage years to an older age. “When we confirmed the project I was constantly listening to the music of Acid Pauli. Every time I looked at the script I was putting one of their mixes, so I thought it would be great if the movie was accompanied by that kind of sounds”, the Director commented.

This new Acid Pauli project comes after his lastest ‘BLD’ album, an atypical LP published last March on the same label, Ouïe.

Watch the film’s trailer below.

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