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Adam Sellouk makes his debut on the EG podcast

Featuring tracks by Konstantin Sibold, Glowal, Anyma, Rebuke, Maxim Lany, and more.

Adam Sellouk has unveiled his latest session, EG.983, which is now available on Electronic Groove’s Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

This vibrant mix features a diverse range of artists including Konstantin Sibold, Glowal, Anyma, Rebuke, Maxim Lany, Tiga, Disfreq, Argy, Omnya, Empire Of The Sun, and Adam Sellouk himself.

EG.983 is designed to energize the dance floor, filled with unique tracks that keep listeners engaged. In Sellouk’s words, “This mix is meant for the dance floor and will keep you grooving throughout. It’s got lots of unique tracks, so stay tuned.”

Sellouk is influencing the music industry with his distinctive blend of techno and house music. Tracks like ‘Exodus’ and a remix of Anyma’s ‘Syren’ have gained attention for their novelty. His music appeals to a broad audience and artists like Tale Of Us and Artbat.

Listen to EG.983 Adam Sellouk and click here for more information.

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