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Adriatique introduces their new label, X Recordings, with ‘The Future Is Unknown’

The song features a collaboration with Delhia de France.

Photo credit: Adriatique – Official

Swiss electronic duo Adriatique just revealed the launch of their new record label, X Recordings. The label’s first release is their latest single, ‘The Future Is Unknown,’ featuring Delhia de France.

‘The Future Is Unknown’ offers a captivating glimpse into Adriatique’s mysterious sound. The track combines haunting melodies with deep, pulsating basslines, setting the tone for the duo’s new record label. X Recordings will serve as an extension of their live event brand, providing a platform for their electronic creations.

Adriatique explained the significance of the label’s name, stating, “X represents a multifaceted and versatile symbol, symbolizing an intersection where paths cross. It embodies reflection and duality, two elements that have played important roles in our careers. As a platform, X welcomes influences and inspiration from all the people and artists involved. It acts as a catalyst for contemporary music and art, paying homage to the pioneers of the past while embracing technological advancements and futuristic visions.”

Listen to ‘The Future Is Unknown’ below and get your copy here.

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