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Alan Fitzpatrick links up with Lawrence Hart in ‘Warning Signs’

It’s the duo’s debut on Anjunadeep.

UK imprint Anjunadeep welcomes renowned DJ & producer Alan Fitzpatrick to their impressive catalog as the artist shows a new facet to his sound with ‘Warning Signs’.

A prominent name in the underground techno circuit, Fitzpatrick dives into deeper waters, exploring his more soulful influences with Lawrence Hart, in a ‘twisting house menagerie with dazzling and thought-provoking sound design.’

‘Warning Signs’ is about the importance of vulnerability and how it allows people to connect. In holding back your emotions you might think it makes you stronger but in reality, it’s what leaves you feeling alone’ explains Lawrence.

Alan Fitzpatrick & Lawrence Hart’s ‘Warning Signs’ is out now on Anjunadeep. Watch the official video for it below and pick up your copy here.


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