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Anastasia Kristensen releases charity compilation for Equality Now

Featuring 19 original tracks. 

Copenhagen based DJ & producer Anastasia Kristensen has released ‘Rewire & Acquire’, with all the proceeds from the compilation going to Equality Now, a global charity that works actively towards achieving legal equality for all women, with a vision of ending sexual violence, human trafficking, and normalization of harmful practices towards women.

‘Rewire & Acquire’ is a symbol of a creative friendship for me, with all of us united by and for this cause. I find it important to keep that type of creativity alive, especially in these highly challenging times in the world right now. I discussed the cause with the artists and everyone instantly wanted to contribute to this. I am very happy how it shaped up and what better time to release this than on my birthday’, says Anastasia about the release.

‘Rewire & Acquire’ features 19 tracks from names like Tim Reaper, Marco Bailey, Voicedrone, D.Tiffany, Cressida, Telefon Tel Aviv, Anastasia Kristensen, and many more.

You can listen to the compilation below, and grab your copy here.


1. VRIL – X14
2. S. Ruston ft. caner teker – Sunflower Seeds And Spit
3. Raji Rags – Garfield’s Lasagne
4. Ben Pest – Goin’ Onnn
5. B From E – Always Grinding
6. Elad Magdasi – Kruger
7. Sophia Saze – I Can’t Rest
8. Telefon Tel Aviv – 5AM Jefferson Parish Levee Fog
9. Rayme – Heat Of Drums
10. Cressida – Eye Of The Needle
11. Gacha Bakradze – Routes
12. D. Tiffany – Abstract Era
13. Neri J – Gesara
14. ikigai (Pooja B) – Spiral Escapism
15. Francois X – Fear No More
16. Tim Reaper – LRT
17. Voicedrone – OGF
18. Marco Bailey – Nuri
19. Anastasia Kristensen – What Colour

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