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Andrea Castells brings her groovy and melodic beats on the latest EG mix

Featuring tracks by Bedouin, Soul featuring Caron Wheeler, Alican, Daft Punk, Flave, Radeckt, Maceo Plex & Cubicolor, and many more.

Barcelona-based DJ and producer Andrea Castells has recently released her latest mixed session, EG.976. Now available exclusively on Electronic Groove’s Soundcloud and Mixcloud platforms. In this mix, Castells takes listeners on a melodic journey filled with a touch of darkness and plenty of groove.

The session starts with slower, mysterious tracks that gradually build up the energy, smoothly transitioning into dance-floor hits. Castells’ track selection includes artists such as Bedouin, Soul featuring Caron Wheeler, Alican, Sharam Jey, Jonathan Touch, Max Gazer, No Hopes, DEFLEE and Dub Pepper, Niki4, Moontalk, Luke Alessi, Cipy, Jon.K, Daft Punk, Flave, Radeckt, Vakabular, Under Sanctions, and Maceo Plex & Cubicolor.

Representing her Scandinavian side, Castells incorporates tracks by artists Nandu and Radeckt, adding a unique touch to the mix. Martin Cozar, one of her favorite producers, also appears, showcasing his talent. The mix features edits of songs by PINTO and Made In TLV, infusing the Israeli indie dance sound that Castells loves. The mix reaches its climax with a track by Maceo Plex.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, and now based in Barcelona for over 14 years, Andrea Castells is a prominent figure in the city’s electronic music scene. Known for her passion for indie dance, melodic techno, and progressive house, Castells creates captivating atmospheres with mesmerizing melodies and infectious grooves. She has performed alongside artists such as Maceo Plex, Eelke Kleijn, Booka Shade, Jonathan Kaspar, and more.

Reflecting on her latest mix, Andrea shares, “This mix is very special to me as it truly represents my versatility in just over an hour. It combines slower, more mysterious tracks with ones that can energize any dance floor. I sincerely hope you enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed recording it.”

Listen to EG.976 Andrea Castells below and click here for more information.

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