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Anja Schneider Presents Her Latest EP, ‘Run The City’

Anja Schneider presents her latest EP, ‘Run The City’

“It’s been a year of transition to find myself again as an artist and music lover”, she commented.

Anja Schneider is preparing her next release, ‘Run The City’, a three-track EP where she shows his new freedom, impulse and passion.

Last year, the Berlin-based artist embarked on a new direction with the launch of her label Sous. The output’s debut was marked with the release of his album ‘SoMe’, which has been the beginning of a new era for the producer.

Sous is still a platform focused on boosting Anja’s music and so far we’ve heard remixes by Butch, Argy and Billy Turner, as well as an EP by Francesca Lombardo.

“I see ‘Run The City’ as a soundtrack to life, influenced by every day struggles yet something we cannot live without”,  Anja said.

The release will be out on October 19th. Listen to the title track below and grab your copy here.


1. Anja Schneider – Run The City
2. Anja Schneider – Follow Me
3. Anja Schneider – Is Like That

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