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Archie Hamilton breaks-down the genres that influenced his debut album ‘Archive Fiction’

DJ/Producer and Moscow label boss Archie Hamilton recently released his debut album ‘Archive Fiction’. The LP is a ten-track release where he merges his trademark minimal styles with more contemporary tastes and a myriad of influences including trip-hop, dub-techno, acid jazz, drum’n’bass and house.

With his ‘Archive Fiction’ international tour having officially kicked off, Hamilton talks us through a chronological breakdown of the choice genres which influenced his debut album. Stream and get your copy here.

Down Tempo

“The whole Bristol down-tempo inspired sound was massive when I was growing up. Portishead and Massive Attack is what I listened to from a very young age and I wanted to pay homage to that in the album.”

Drum & Bass

“Drum & Bass was one of my first entry points into electronic music so I wanted to pay homage to that on the album. ‘Eye of the Storm’ featuring vocals from Roni Size collaborator Onallee is massively inspired by this time. I was 17 and living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We went down to Fabric on a Friday, a Drum and Bass night, and I just remember being absolutely blown away by what I heard. When I got back home I went to HMV and bought any Drum and Bass CD I could (DJ Hype’s Mixmag CD was a firm favorite). I was learning to drive around that time and D&B was my go-to.”


“After my first explorations with house/electronic music I was DJing but without a specific direction. But when I heard Richie Hawtin at Glade Festival (around 2005) and bought his Decks, Efx, and 909 CD I moved into a more minimal space with my music which was the start of me growing more and more into this sound. I got into Ricardo [Villalobos] around this time, as well as a more Romanian sound (especially after I went to soundwaves around 2009). The first three tracks on this album, ‘Lifted’, ‘Relax Your Body’ and ‘Six Years Later’, are all inspired by this era, and Ricardo in particular.”

Dub Techno

“It’s difficult to know exactly when I got into dub techno, I eventually drifted towards a more stripped-back sound. Listening to producers Moritz von Oswald and Rob Model inspired to want to create more of this sound and Dustin Off Man’ is the track on this album that pays homage to this style of music which was such an inspiring part of my education in electronic music.”

Late 90’s/Early 00’s Tech House

“Moving to London and understanding the history and culture of the London club scene meant that I eventually got into the likes of Nathan Coles and Eddie Richards. I think that the old UK Tech House sound is where my music has settled for the moment, just really solid club music. ‘Can’t Be Serious’ and the closing track, ‘Waisted’, are massively inspired by that classic sound.”

Catch Archie Hamilton on his ‘Archive Fiction’ Tour, check the dates below.

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