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Archie Hamilton Shares Details Of His Debut Album, ‘Archive Fiction’

Archie Hamilton shares details of his debut album, ‘Archive Fiction’

This will be the first LP of his musical career.

British producer Archie Hamilton revealed some info from his debut album ‘Archive Fiction’, which will be released on his own label, Moscow. The material “is fuelled by over 10 years of production experience and a life committed to music”.

The LP, which will feature 10 tracks, merges his minimal styles with more contemporary tastes and a myriad of influences including trip-hop, dub-techno, acid jazz, drum’n’bass and house; also inviting different musicians including Mr V. and Onallee.

‘Archive Fiction’ will be out June 21st. You can pre-order here, and listen to first single ‘Make the Difference’ below.


1. Six Years Later
2. Lifted
3. Relax Your Body
4. Make The Difference feat. Mr V
5. Can’t Be Serious
6. Eye of the Storm feat. Onallee
7. Dustin Off Man
8. A Little Lower
9. Quicksand
10. Waisted
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