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Artist Of The Month: Francesca Lombardo

In the pulsating heart of Italy’s Lombardy region, Francesca Lombardo’s sonic journey began early. Born on August 27, 1978, her musical initiation unfolded at the age of 13 when she immersed herself in the Conservatorium in Italy, sculpting her vocal techniques and piano prowess.  Follow us, as we track back in time to relive the steps of our Artist Of The Month, Francesca Lombardo.

Photo Credit: Francesca Lombardo – Official

 Francesca’s musical odyssey isn’t confined to the decks; it began with the delicate touch of piano keys and the resonance of guitar strings. In her early days, she crafted piano pieces and songs, exploring the tapestry of sound that would later define her electronic prowess. The shift to electronic music came when she planted herself in the vibrant soil of London, both collaborating with bands and venturing into solo sonic explorations.

However, her journey was marked by a dedication to honing her craft. Despite her musical aptitude, she held back from releasing her creations until she felt her skills were finely tuned, constantly learning and improving in her modest studio setup. It was a period of incubation, a time where she immersed herself in the electronic realm, drawing inspiration from the likes of trip-hop in the ’90s and later, delving into the techno world in the early 2000s.

Her early influences paint a vivid picture of her eclectic tastes—Björk, Orbital, the Orb, Annie Lennox, Leftfield, Moby, and a myriad of others. These sonic architects laid the foundation for Lombardo’s artistic palette, shaping the contours of her musical landscape. Upon landing in London, Francesca found herself immersed in the acid techno scene, rubbing shoulders with DJs and producers who fueled her exploration into club music. Names like Lenny Dee, Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen, and Darc Marc served as guiding lights, sparking the ignition of her club-centric creations.

In 1999, Lombardo dove headfirst into the underground techno scene under the enigmatic alias Jackie Misfit. Her beats reverberated through the capital’s underground parties, earning her residency stripes at the iconic Chemical Warfare and later at Ultraplay’s events in the gritty corners of Cafe 1001.

Lombardo’s artistic expression wasn’t confined to the DJ booth. The maestro revealed her multifaceted talents through side projects, including Purity—an all-female electro/rock/drum n’ bass band, and Def By Disco, where she seamlessly juggled roles as a keyboardist, vocalist, and mixer.

In 2007, she  co-piloted Lokomotiv Recordings, unleashing her debut EP, ‘The Dark Side Of The Spoon,’ featuring the hypnotic track ‘Mama Cocha.’ Remixes from luminaries like Valentino Kanzyani and Tomy DeClerque cemented her status in the electronic echelons.

Steering her artistic ship, she founded her own imprint, Echolette, in 2010. The label’s maiden voyage, ‘Kundi la Mapendo’ by Jackie Misfit, marked the inception of a discography that would boast chart-toppers from the likes of Hector Couto, Gregor Tresher, and Birds of Mind. Echolette’s success birthed Echoe in 2016, expanding her sonic empire.

A chance encounter with Damian Lazarus at the 2011 Winter Music Conference proved serendipitous. Francesca inked a deal with Crosstown Rebels, bidding farewell to the moniker Jackie Misfit. The 2012 release, ‘Changes,’ heralded a new chapter, propelling her into the orbit of Crosstown Rebels’ Rebel Rave world tour in 2013.

Francesca’s sonic identity transcends the dance floor, fusing dreamy soundscapes, stirring melodies, and hypnotic rhythms. Her classical roots entwine seamlessly with electronic beats, crafting an auditory experience that resonates globally. As a globetrotting DJ and live performer, the artist has graced monumental stages, from IMS Dalt Villa to the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

In 2019, she unfurled her debut album, ‘Life of Leaf,’ a manifesto of forward-thinking, powerful electronic artistry. Beyond the beats, her commitment to environmental causes shines through her ‘Life of Releaf’ project. Proceeds from album and ticket sales were sown into the earth, partnering with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted.

Francesca Lombardo isn’t just an artist; she’s a sonic voyager leaving an indelible mark. Her passion, innovation, and commitment to positive change ensure her continued resonance, destined to be the beat and rhythm of our lives for years to come.

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