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Aureum drops new ‘ACAJU (Remixes)’ EP

Showcasing talents of Augusta Barna and Bruce Leroys.

Photo credit: Augusta Barna – Facebook

Aureum, the well-known music label, recently launched ‘ACAJU (Remixes)’, which showcases the talents of artists Augusta Barna and Bruce Leroys.

Augusta Barna, a talented and emerging artist, skillfully blends the essence of Brazilian music with a modern and international approach, creating a vibrant and current sound that honors its origins while captivating a global audience.

Bruce Leroys is a Brazilian house music duo formed by Diogo Vaille and Marcelo Abreu. With over 20 years of experience in the Brazilian house scene, they draw inspiration from 80’s films and club culture, creating music oriented towards the dance floor.

Listen to ‘ACAJU (Remixes)’ below and grab your copy here.

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