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Ayala (IT) – Sacred – Sol Selectas

Sol Selectas is back with an afro-house release from Ayala (IT), an Italian artist that’s returning to Sabo’s label, after previously featuring on two of the imprint’s ‘Summer Sol’ compilations.

Sabo is known for being one of the people who pioneered the organic house sound, and as a result, Sol Selectas has earned the worthy status of being one of the genres leading record labels.

‘Summer Sol’ is a huge 20+ track compilation, which released annually, provides a gateway for artists to make their Sol Selectas debut, and be a stepping stone for emerging talent to become a core member of the label’s family.

Ayala (IT) is known to have dazzled with both his ‘Summer Sol’ tracks ‘Spectre’ plus ‘Levante’, and has continued to impress with his new solo EP that along with his three originals also features remixes by Sifa, Chambord, and Animal Trainer.

Each of the three original tracks is a sparkling mix of tribal percussion, tantalizing melodies, and traditional instruments from around the globe. Their jovial energy and jazz influence are perfect for any dance floor, whether it be the desert sands of Nevada’s Burning Man or the river view of Berlin’s Watergate.

Each of the remixes is also masterfully produced pieces of music, with Sifa experimenting with an acid bassline, Chambord going Balearic, and Animal Trainer taking a more melodic approach.

All of the remix artists are accomplished artists whose individual music can be heard on other notorious labels ranging from Stil Vor Talent to Kompakt.

Ayala (IT)’s ‘Sacred Steels’ is now available via Sol Selectas. Grab your copy here.

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