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Bjarki returns to Nina Kraviz’s label

A new techno reference for the Russian imprint.

The latest EP of Icelandic artist Bjarki is finished and will come to light at the end of July on трип (trip), Nina Kraviz’s record label where he has released most of his musical production since 2015.

The new release is entitled ‘oli gumm’ and is composed of IDM and space techno. Along the five tracks, the musician “uses as a point of reference sounds of techno, gabber and trance to turn them into something much more difficult to categorize.”

‘oli gumm’ will be out on July 27th, 2018.


A1. Oli gumm 2-2
A2. Fork2-2
B1. 7 filakaramellur lion bar
B2. Hatann satann
B3. Sleikjó

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