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BLOND:ISH, Bye Bye Plastic & Masks For Music collaborate on reusable masks

The initiative seeks to fight single-use PPE.

The Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, created by BLOND:ISH & Camille Guitteau, and Masks For Music have developed a sustainable eco-mask which is a game-changer in the attempt to reduce single-use products, designed with the music industry and the planet in mind.

Woven from eco-cotton and hand-made ethically in fair trade conditions, the double-layered masks have a conscious and safe future in mind for the music industry. To further embrace sustainability, a carbon-offsetting system has been implemented for all masks sold, and packaging is entirely plastic-free.

Masks For Music is not looking to turn a profit, as the initiative is one that is solely committed to supporting the music industry. 50% of sales go directly to the artist, music industry professional, venue, or organization offering them; 21% goes towards production and packing costs; 19% for operational and distribution costs, and the final 10% is donated to charitable partners.

This initiative is meant to raise awareness on the impact single-use products implemented on the live events sector while tackling the need for protection against airborne diseases and generating revenue for the music industry.

Take a stand against single-use PPE & for the music industry by purchasing a mask here.

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