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Boris Brejcha: ‘I admire anyone who is doing anything to explore the galaxies around us’

A constant in today’s club scene, Boris Brejcha is regularly associated as a forward-thinking act, mainly through the birth of what the German artist calls ‘High-Tech Minimal’. Conceived as ‘the intelligent music of tomorrow’, the style showcases its creator’s visions of the future and has garnered the support of hundreds of thousands across the globe, including Tesla’s own ‘Technoking’, the South African pioneer Elon Musk. 

Following Boris Brejcha’s recent involvement in what became known as Tesla’s ‘GigaFest’ at the newly constructed GigaFactory in Berlin, we caught up with the enigmatic artist to learn more about his experience, his views on technology, space travel, and even discuss a possible collaboration with the tech mogul himself.

Electronic Groove: Hi Boris! Welcome back to EG! It’s a pleasure to have you with us, as always. How have you been doing?

Boris Brejcha: Thank you very much for the invitation. I am doing well so far. Everyone around me is healthy. That is the most important thing! I am grateful for that. Apart from that, I’m very happy that things are really starting back again now and that I can be on tour again. That’s a lot of fun, but of course, it also means more stress.

Electronic Groove: We’re very happy to hear that you’re doing well! So, you’ve made some waves with your visit to Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin! Certainly an unexpected experience, right?

Boris Brejcha: Yes, that’s right! It was a last-minute request and I was very happy about it. I already knew that Elon (Musk) was into my music, but then to get this chance… that was unexpected and unique.

Boris Brejcha at Tesla’s ‘GigaFest’  – Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen

Electronic Groove: What is your general stance on technology and its relationship with ‘tomorrow’? How intertwined is your sound with technology itself?

Boris Brejcha: I am very interested in technology and everything that is new. I love progress and like to use software and new things in general. I find new developments and possibilities exciting and I like to use them on my own time. Especially with music. I am a real software freak and produce everything on the computer. I don’t have a single piece of hardware equipment in the studio. Electronic music is also part of the new age because it is made electronically. I found that exciting back then, and to this day, I still do.

But of course, all this doesn’t mean that everything new is good or better.

Electronic Groove: And space exploration? Is that something that interests you? Do you think the future of our species lies somewhere else?

Boris Brejcha: Yes, totally! I find it incredibly interesting and mind-blowing to think about how big our space is. It’s just beyond my imagination. I also love watching documentaries about it. I admire anyone who is doing anything to explore the galaxies around us, but I don’t know if I would dare to go there myself. I can’t tell you if humans will eventually relocate, that’s too far away for my thinking, but personally, I am sure that there is some other intelligent lifeform somewhere in the vastness of space.

“I find it incredibly interesting and mind-blowing to think about how big our space is. It’s just beyond
my imagination”

Electronic Groove: You even got to meet Elon Musk himself. Were you guys able to talk for a while? We know he’s a big techno enthusiast.

Boris Brejcha: It was really an honor to be personally invited by him and I’m glad that he likes my music so much. We could exchange a few words and I gave him I signed mask of mine and a rubber duck. I think he liked it. I was also allowed to be present at a team meeting with him. That was exciting to see! How he talks and acts and thinks. Impressive guy!

Electronic Groove: How do you imagine the future of electronic music in general? Do you think we’ll be able to make music by waving our hands or by just thinking about it?

Boris Brejcha: I am curious! I mean in the past, music was also made only with instruments. It was also unimaginable that music would be created electronically at some point. Through the computer, which at that time no one knew about (laughter). And that’s also possible now. I’m sure that the development of technology will also have an impact on music. I just don’t know how yet. But I don’t know if I’ll live to see it. Too bad actually!

Photo Credit: Felix Hohagen

Electronic Groove: Can we expect any kind of Boris Brejcha/Elon Musk collaboration in the future?

Boris Brejcha: I would be very interested in that. I’m a fan of his work and he’s a fan of my music. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I hope so!

Electronic Groove: Speaking about new music, you’ve got your ‘Vodka & Orange’ EP out now on Ultra. What’s the inspiration behind this one? Has any new software caught your ear recently?

Boris Brejcha: Good question. The track is older and as far as I remember there was no special inspiration. I’m inspired by everything: my everyday life, tour life, everything I see or hear, and most of all my emotions. Most of the time the best songs come out of that. And yes: I bought a couple of plug-ins from the company UJAM last. I never had them on my radar before but they have some cool stuff!

“And then, on the 26th of November, on my 40th birthday, my new album will be released on Ultra Music”

Electronic Groove: What’s next for Boris Brejcha? What new milestones are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Boris Brejcha: Soon a new single with a really cool music video will be released. ‘Never Stop Dancing’ is the name of that one. And then, on the 26th of November, on my 40th birthday, my new album will be released on Ultra Music. I’m really looking forward to that. A lot of unreleased music will finally be released. There will be a lot of cool gigs and we have been shooting a movie for a long time. I hope that there is also soon news. Be curious! :-)

Electronic Groove: Thank you for your time Boris! We wish you all the best for the future!

Boris Brejcha: Thank you! Stay safe, stay healthy, be kind to each other and see you on the dance floor!

Boris Brejcha’s ‘Vodka & Orange’ EP is out now via Ultra Music. Stream and buy here.

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