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Azteca – Sunset Camper – Laguna Music

Azteca – Sunset Camper – Laguna Music

The Brazilian electronic scene is having a great moment, there are new labels emerging and the market is undergoing a process of increasing professionalization. Who works with this business is fully aware that making or bringing more of the same to the Brazilian industry is an outdated recipe, and betting on names that are far from being “established” you may get the audience, that is more demanding than ever.

Laguna Music is a label from the south of Brazil, based on the state of Paraná, which understands this context very well. With its calibrated radar, the team seeks to give space to artists who bring quality work and make music not just thinking about money. Sunset Camper, the latest EP signed by the Brazilian label, is a great example and proves this mindset. The work explores the minimal style through the talented Azteca, the Romanian producer, who is responsible for two original tracks, in addition to two remixers that still look for a prominent place in the musical market: Juliche Hernandez and Alex Ground.

Azteca is an effervescent name of Romania, country that has great tradition in the minimal scene through names like Raresh, Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu. In addition to his residency at one of the country’s biggest clubs, Kudos, he has already accumulated releases by labels such as Cyclic Records and Akbal Music. The Spanish sound is also present on the record with the participation of Juliche Hernandez, a name that is frequently present in Spanish club lineups such as Mood Club Canarias, for example. Another European representative is Alex Ground, an Italian who has already been to renowned brands such as Ministry of Sound and Sankeys Ibiza.

Are you curious about the result of all this cultural diversity? So just check out the EP in full:


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