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Brian Eno launches climate initiative ‘EarthPercent’

The organization targets to generate $100 million by 2030.

Brian Eno announced the launch of ‘EarthPercent’, an initiative to tackle the music industry’s environmental footprint. With ‘EarthPercent’, the British artist aims to raise $100 million from the industry as a collective by 2030 in order to support the ‘most impactful organizations addressing the climate emergency’.

Following April’s Earth Day, Brian Eno stated: ‘EarthPercent’ seeks to hold the planet as a stakeholder. ‘EarthPercent’’s stellar advisory panel makes the process easy for the music industry to donate to environmental organizations, safe in the knowledge the money will be reaching only those projects with demonstrable and meaningful impact.’

You can learn more about Brian Eno’s ‘EarthPercent’ initiative here.


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