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Get inside Carlo Whale’s 10 favorite tracks

Experimental Italian producer Carlo Whale has been making waves, developing and honing his craft in his hometown of Cagliari. Inspired by his surroundings he has worked to present an emotive, distinctive, and unique sound by pursuing boundaries between music, technology, and nature. His organic approach to music finds his emotions reflected in the nature around him and with this mindset, he aims at turning those emotions of a moment into music through a unique and mature production technique.

As Carlo begins to wrap up his 2021, he celebrates the release of his ‘Broken’ EP for New Tab Music by sharing 10 of his favorite tracks.

1. Deadmau5 – Strobe

‘I can barely think of a more iconic track when it comes to the recent years of electronic music. The atmospheres in this one are from another planet, hands down one of my all-time favorite and definitely one of those which made me fall in love with electronic music and inspired me to start producing my own music’

2. Nils Frahm – Says

Nils Frahm is one of my favorite artists of all time and I don’t miss a chance to see him playing live whenever I can. Love this track in particular as the arrangement is incredibly emotional, with that super intense crescendo.’

3. Âme – Rej

‘Another evergreen classic, engraved in the recent history of club music, I cannot leave it outside this list of my favorites. The arpeggio is so hypnotic you lose yourself in it. It amuses me to see how this track still works today on the dancefloor.’

4. DJ Rolando aka The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar

‘Simple yet super effective. Love how the frenetic groove lays perfectly with the strings in here.’

5. Dusty Kid – Lynchesque

‘My friends and I had always admired Dusty Kid as he made a huge success coming from our small and peripheral hometown (yes, we’re both from the same area). This track in particular has been one of those that blew him up, bringing him to the attention of a worldwide audience and we all remember this one very well. Was no less than brilliant for the time.’

6. Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat

‘This made me buy my first pair of Levi’s.’

7. Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

‘Well, do I really need to describe this? I’m sure this is a milestone for every single 90’s kid out there, isn’t it?’

8. Cassius – Feeling For You

‘Yes, French Touch played quite a relevant role in shaping my musical taste back in my early years. More recently, as I got into production, I jumped back listening to all those producers and I’ve been super fascinated by their use of the most disparate samples. I really love the idea of taking something and putting it where it doesn’t apparently belong, giving it a completely new and different life.’

9. Eric Prydz – Pjanoo

‘Speaking of production, Prydz is one of my heroes. Everything he touches turns into gold. I particularly love his super simple and super effective production style and Pjanoo is just the perfect example of what I’m saying. Three chords, just the essential instruments, a bunch of layers, and all the epicness possible!’

10. Felix Da Housecat – Silver Screen

‘Last but not least, this true club blower. I mean, look at those larger-than-life kick and bass! Not to mention the acid riff and that huge snare/noise, man, that’s so powerful it defines the groove just by itself. What a classic!’

Carlo Whale’s ‘Broken’ EP, featuring Echonomist on remix duties, is out now via New Tab Music. Purchase your copy here.

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