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Cerebelo Records unveils techno-driven VA compilation

Celebrating the brand’s seven years.

Since 2015, the Brazilian label Cerebelo Records has been building a solid techno catalog focused on peak time. There have been more than 370 tracks spread between singles, albums, and VAs, with dark, experimental, acid, and industrial productions. The latest is its final VA of the year entitled ‘2022 Remix Edition vol.5’.

Curated by Guilherme Krause, a DJ and producer for over 10 years who carries in his curriculum important releases by labels like D.M.T. Records (Canada), Concepto Hipnotico Records (Argentina), and Soluxion Records (Italy/Germany), ‘2022 Remix Edition vol.5’ features music by Phabian, Ruptura, Occvrs, Miss Adk, Alvin Tech, Blacksun, Algia, Hknki, Der Cherep, Octavio Cordioli, Hefty, Olho Mecanico, Keybax, G.Xist, Sheefit, Norberto Lusso, Aske, and Niell.

Listen to ‘2022 Remix Edition vol.5’ below, and purchase your copy of the record here.

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